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Swapan Manna

Every successful business starts with A GREAT IDEA
You need to understand if your idea can turn into
a successful business.

Swapan Kumar Manna

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I Help Busineses to Grow

Digital Transformation can accelerate your business growth. I help companies go through the digital journey and achieve digital excellence.

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I Help Companies Grow With Strategy, Marketing, and Cloud

Digital transformation has changed how organizations work today. Now it is no longer building products and selling in the market. With the advent of new technologies, consumer behavior is constantly changing. Companies operating today in the competitive landscape need to understand the recent trends and reach their ‘actual’ customer base.

I help companies identify the market opportunity, the scope of implementing technology, competitive analysis, GTM strategy, business analytics, and more.

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Swapan Manna

How I Help to Grow Businesses


Every successful business starts with a great idea. You need to understand if your idea can turn into a successful business. Here come four significant stages of validating your idea – Market Research, Identifying Opportunity, Consumer Base, and Defining a product-market fit. I help businesses to better understand their audience, validate needs, and become hundred percent sure to turn your idea into a great product.

Digital Marketing

Many companies fail due to the lack of proper marketing strategies despite having a great product and a strong sales force. The success of a company depends on the product, marketing, sales, and service. Marketing acts as a catalyst between product and sales. Marketing strategy relies on understanding the buyer persona, your goal and taking the right approach to reach out to the target audience.

Cloud Adoption

Taking a business decision and implementing the right strategy is more than vision or dream. A proper strategy can identify the growth areas in the company and take the right approach for the business growth. I help companies to generate all credible choices and options, perform required scenario analysis, and suggest the cloud solution and analytics with a clear path for implementation.

Take Right Decision

In the age of digital transformation, you need innovation in every aspect of business operation and management. It is essential to understand where to start with your digital transformation journey and embrace the change in the company.

To transform your business strategy, you need a partner who understands how this change can affect your company and has a deep understanding of the insights and abilities to make data-driven decisions.

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Swapan Kumar Manna is the founder of two successful companies - TechGenyz and Oneskai. TechGenyz is a new-age tech media publication or the connecting generations and Oneskai is a Microsoft partner and an IT service company.



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