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8 Reasons Why is LinkedIn Pulse the Best Tool for Personal Branding - Swapan Kumar Manna

You’re using LinkedIn Pulse to do personal branding? Then you’re probably choosing one of the best tools. It is not a sentence launched by chance but a statement based on a clear reflection: you are working with content marketing on a platform for professionals.

It is perfect to take care of relationships with colleagues, clients, employers. Is this enough to answer the questions of those looking for an ideal tool to make their name known to an audience of potentially interested people? I don’t think so, let’s analyze the point better.

What is LinkedIn Pulse: Definition and Explanation?

This tool, already available for several years in the social network in question, can be defined as a primitive and extremely simplified CMS. But able to create a blog inside your LinkedIn profile. Here, in fact, you can publish status updates but with obvious limits.

LinkedIn Pulse, on the other hand, is a WordPress substitute with the necessary differences. In reality, you can only publish articles and with a maximum simplification of all editorial tools. On the other hand, you have just what you need to do a good job of personal branding on the internet.

What to Get and Do With This Tool

You can write posts just like you do on your personal blog. But you lack a series of formatting tools and to enrich the contents. You’re not on WordPress, the editor allows you to perform basic formatting (bulleted lists, bold …) and insert photos and embedded videos.

Are We Starting to Write Good Content?

Nothing more. When you publish articles, you have the latest previews in your personal profile. You can show headline and image to allow the public to cross the titles and bring new visits to your content. And this is where LinkedIn Pulse begins to do personal branding.

How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn Pulse for Your Brand

The combination of writing articles and posting on the personal profile works because in this way you use LinkedIn’s push to intercept potential customers and people interested in the services. But you don’t do it with simple status updates: use content marketing.

I refer to articles in which you can always demonstrate skills and professionalism. Working on a brand awareness that is difficult to obtain in any other way. People read, take an interest in your world, memorize the contact and associate it with positive values.

It is always like this? It depends on how you organize your editorial calendar and use this tool. Some idea? Here are a series of steps to keep in mind when using LinkedIn Pulse to do personal branding (or even lead generation, it doesn’t change the substance).

Publish Unique Content

The first problem to overcome: the idea of being able to obtain good results in terms of brand awareness by publishing the texts already put online on the company and personal blog Plus it is too easy if you have to consider the possibility of creating a separate calendar. With relative investment.

Intercept Your Audience

Why does LinkedIn Pulse work when you want a good personal branding job? Simple, you can reach the right people. If the evaluation of the uniqueness of the contents has its influence on the quality of the result the same can be said with respect to the reflection that must be done on the target.

Don’t Sell a Product

Or rather, you have to activate it differently. Use LinkedIn Pulse to reach the people you want to intercept but work on a different plan than what you would use to sell products or services. This is not the right place to do it, it is not the right idea to do inbound marketing.

Call to action, links on the institutional pages of the website and links to landing pages can be clear. But try using this notepad as a logbook.

This is where you can do storytelling and implement a narrative of your direct work. Without filters and official passages. The idea is this:

differentiate, detached from the official nature of the site, do something different. But do it always thinking of your target audience? Don’t lose sight of it.

Don’t Forget to Share

The Pulse/branding combination works because you use content to intercept the public and take it to your valuable contribution. This works best if you use the platform’s tools to share what you put online. First, use your personal profile.

With a link sharing, you have that bit more visibility. Thanks to your bulletin board. You can do the same also on a possible company page and in the thematic groups that are on the social network. Attention, the risk of spam is high, use this solution with care.